Filtration Systems

Burr King's line of filtration systems help keep your vibratory machine running at its peak performance.  We offer two Filter style systems and one sediment only system.

The SumpPak 1000 is a sediment only system.  It does not require the use of a filter.

The 4001 and 8000 FilterPaks assure consistent wet process results using your Burr King Vibratory system.  Our systems are closed loop compound delivery system that incorporates a high quality polyester felt membrane filter.   Various filter mesh sizes may be used with the 4001 and 8000 FilterPaks.

The FilterPak 4001 and 8000 can be used with any vibratory system from our Model 150 all the way up to the M85, even systems which we do not manufacture, just bring your own plumbing and attach it to our system.

The Filter Pak 4001 is good for systems upto 5 cubic feet while the Filter Pak 8000 can be used with systems up 12+ cubic feet

All systems come with  specially engineered pumps that are designed for harsh environments.