About Us

since 1951 Providing quality finishing products

Our History

Burr King Manufacturing was founded in 1951 by Don MacCarthy Sr. in East Los Angeles, CA. However, MacCarthy’s passion for belt grinders started long before that when he became the sole designer for belt grinders at Pacific Abrasive before leaving to start his own company.

In 1995, current CEO, Don MacCarthy Jr. took over the company and moved it to its current location in Warsaw, MO. Now a third generation family business, Burr King Manufacturing has continued to expand its products and services to better meet customer needs and remain a renowned leader in their industry.

What We Do


Burr King Manufacturing is a world leader in manufacturing quality belt grinders, polishers, and mass finishing systems. We are proud to say all our products are Made in America and use innovative designs of uncompromising quality. Our products are industrial grade and are compatible for use on metals, woods, composites, plastics, rubber, stone, fiberglass and other materials.

Burr King offers our products directly through our website and available through our trusted list of distributors located across the country. Burr King products are simple-to-use, no nonsense tools preferred by professionals.


Each Burr King machine, accessory, and component is rigorously tested for specification compliance throughout its manufacture. To ensure you are completely satisfied with your equipment purchase we offer:

All service and repair work is conducted by our trained service technicians at our facility. Whether you need a complete machine refurbish or an updated guarding, our team has the experience and skill to get the job done correctly and on time.

Our Commitment to Quality

“Real Fabricators Break Chinese Tools”

At Burr King Manufacturing, we are dedicated to producing the highest quality machines and parts for our customers. We are proud our products are “Made in America”. All Burr King products are designed, assembled, and painted in the United States. Unlike other imitation designs from countries like China, Burr King products are designed to last and allow customers to customize their equipment to meet their exact needs. 

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Ready and Competent Customer Service

Our factory personnel, and national product representatives are ready and prepared to assist customers with applications, service, repair, and/or special situations.