If you are thinking about buying a reliable grinder then look no further, Burr King is the best.

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Farid Mehr

Knifemaker, Farid Knives

40 years and still going strong.

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Bob Terzuola

Terzuola Tactical

Made in the USA still means something!

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Charlie Newman

Owner, Newman's Finishing Touches Inc NFT

Making the right choice.

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Matt Radzinski

Rad Welds

Still my ‘go to’ grinder.

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Richard Dobson

I find that I use this machine several times a week, and can’t imagine not having it in the shop.

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Faithful Burr King Customer

The smoothest of them all.

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Gordon Graham

Gordon Graham Knives

My techs love it and my service manager thinks it will save time and make money.

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Joe Rooks

Owner, Revell Ace Hardware

There is no comparison.

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Josh Neville

US Lawns - Louisville, KY

Can’t brag enough about Burr King’s fine equipment.

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Lin Rhea

Rhea Knives

one hell of a job with building and designing these machines

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Kevin Williams

Owner, Williams Lawn Management

Pretty cool for a 35 year old machine.

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Steve Zimmerman


Its powerful, quiet, stable and precise, everything I wanted

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Willhelm Schütz


WOW, Burr Kings Rule!

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Andy Monroe

Again, the Burr King is a great piece of equipment, and we both are looking forward to many years of service from it.

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Albert C. Davis & Byron T. Bradshaw

In my working experience – to buy a Burr King has been one of the best investments of my life.

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John Faulkner

It’s hard to find a company that takes the time to help solve problems and assist customers as you showed with me.

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Thank you for a quality American Made Machine.

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Jim Kostelic

Team Owner, JMK Racing

…I wanted to thank you for your personal attention (and answers to my extra questions), your support team are exceptional and made me feel like a real valued customer. Keep it up and thanks again!

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At 8000 SFPM belt speed it insures quick work of any job we might have. We have had it for 7 years and it has been a durable and reliable grinder.

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Brian Schlotfelt

General Manager, Pacific Metal Stampings Inc.

After all that, Burr King quality and reliability is more than self-evident. Many thanks for an exceptional grinder that I hope to be using for the rest of my life!

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Owen B. Baker, Jr.

Lt. Colonel, USAF (Retired)

I know I made the right decision purchasing my Burr King and I can, without hesitation, recommend Burr King to anyone.

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J. Jenovese

Given the quality, power, and options offered, Burr King is still in the affordable range, and I would recommend a Burr King grinder to anyone!!

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PDG Rodworks

Burr King goes above and beyond to make its customers satisfied. Burr King helps me remember what “Made in America” means.

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Gerard "Jerry" Barbier

Burr King belt grinders are not the Cadillac of belt grinders, but the Rolls Royce…there is none finer.

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Steve Barton

A and M Manufacturing

We produce around 50 chassis and 200 fenders a month, and each one of them owes part of our quality finish to Burr King.

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Jeff Ernst

Co-Owner, Twisted Choppers

The one thing that impresses me about the tool is the versatility of the equipment to do the many functions that it is capable of.

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David M. Rutledge

“I have been using Burr King for the past 25 years, the products are so versatile offering adapters and belt sizing which enable us to finish edges from any modified type of metal we happen to need during our hot rod builds. Burr King allows us to set the industry standard!”

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Boyd Coddington

Hot Rod's and Collectibles

Literally thousands of successful grinds and finishes later, I know that Burr King is truly the King of the belt grinder world.

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Kevin "Mad Dog" McClung

President, MD Labs / Mad Dog Knives