Burr King’s skilled service technicians will take your used machine and completely refurbish it to factory specifications or perform any other needed service work to ensure it continues to operate to standard. We take your old machine and make it new again! From paint to bearings, we can bring your old machine back to life, we can even update the guarding to a newer version.

Services and Repair Work We Offer

At Burr King, we design high quality products that last. We understand that even the best designed equipment needs regular maintenance and repair work over the years. We offer service and repair work at our factory location in Warsaw, MO. Not only do we provide repair services, but we also offer product trials and test labs to ensure you have the confidence to work with us.

Our services and repair work include:

  • Free Test Lab for Our Vibratory Line
  • Onsite Customer Product Trials
  • General Service and Repair Work

How it Works

The Burr King Test Lab

Once you send us your test parts, free of charge, we will inspect them and return your finished parts with a typed report detailing our findings and suggestions for media, compounds, time variables, parts per load, and equipment used.

Note: Please send at least six to ten test parts so we can adequately perform our inspection and test process.

Onsite Product Trials

We offer onsite customer product trials for a variety of products including belt grinders, disc grinders, and polishers. Burr King partners with trusted and vetted manufacturer representatives that will travel to your location and provide a comprehensive, hands-on demonstration of our equipment. Additionally, Burr King also offers a trial policy for our belt grinders, disc grinders, and polishers to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase.

Some restrictions apply, contact us for more information.

Service and Repair Work

We design all our equipment to last for years to come and to be easily repaired by equipment owners and operators. Our technical support is unmatched and we can offer service support through video calls, email, and phone so you gain the knowledge to repair your equipment yourself to eliminate onsite technician expenses. However, our technicians are experienced and can repair and refurbish your Burr King equipment to like new condition.

Burr King equipment is also backed by our 1 year warranty guarantee, with some limited restrictions. During the warranty period, we will replace or repair your product free of charge if it is found to be defective.

Burr King equipment is built for life.

Every machine we sell comes with a manual that outlines any preventative or routine maintenance that may be required for your Burr King equipment to ensure it operates at industry standards for decades.

Have questions about our service work? Contact us today! 

Before & After Examples

Example 1

The customer wanted the machine to run and look like new.

The machine was stripped and blasted. All parts then were repainted. This machine has seen over a decade of service with minimal maintenance. The machine is ran wet and showed many years of neglect.

Customer ordered a new machine and then sent this in for refurbishment. He expects to get another decade out of it.


During the rebuild





Example 2

These machines are from a famous custom bike builder that wanted them to look just like he purchased them when he started in the business decades ago.

The machines were rebuild in 2017. The customer wanted the old style paint, so that’s what we did.

The end result…A happy customer.