8000: FilterPAK 8000 – Use with M85

Product Overview

The FIlterPAK 8000 delivers superior filtration and extended filter change intervals when used with larger vibratory systems such as the VibraKING 85 or another manufactures machine.  Necessary hardware is not included for use with other manufactures vibratory equipment.

Can be used also with smaller machines for extended filter change intervals.

  • Features dual polyester filter bags
  • Dual 120 volt/60 hertz submersible pumps
  • Removable sludge tray
  • Five settling chambers
  • 15 gallon working volume – 40 gallon total capacity
  • Sledge and other vibratory debris are trapped and held for disposal in inexpensive, easily replaced filters
  • Four 15 micron filters included. 5 to 100 micron filters are readily available from Burr King
  • Stainless steel construction
  • And most importantly processed parts are cleaner with the Filter Pak 8000 filtered fluids

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