I find that I use this machine several times a week, and can't imagine not having it in the shop.
Faithful Burr King Customer

The smoothest of them all
Gordon Graham
Revell Ace Hardware-
My techs love it and my service manager thinks it will save time and make money.
Joe Rooks
US Lawns - Louisville, KY-
There is no comparison

Can't brag enough about Burr King's fine equipment
Lin Rhea
Williams Lawn Management-
one hell of a job with building and designing these machines
Kevin Williams

Pretty cool for a 35 year old machine.
Steve Zimmerman

Its powerful, quiet, stable and precise, everything I wanted
Willhelm Sch├╝tz

WOW, Burr Kings Rule!
Andy Monroe

Again, the Burr King is a great piece of equipment, and we both are looking forward to many years of service from it.
Albert C. Davis & Byron T. Bradshaw
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