Filtration Systems : 4001A

Filter Pak 4001A for use with the M15

The Filter Pak 4001A is made from durable density polyethylene and provides a quick and effective solution to problems encountered in vibratory mass finishing.  The Filter Pak 4001A is designed to be used with the M15

The integrated fluid filter, pump baffle and dual reservoirs provide fluid and compounds that are cleansed to as small as 5 microns.

  • Sledge and other vibratory debris are trapped and held for disposal in inexpensive, easily replaced filters. 
  • The totally enclosed container eliminates splashes and other unattractive problems
  • And most importantly processed parts are cleaner with the Filter Pak 4001 filtered fluids
  • Small footprint of 12" x 16" x 12" fits neatly besides all Vibra King chambers
  • Two 15 micron filters included. 5 to 100 micron filters are readily available from Burr King
  • Comes with all needed parts to connect to the M15

$ 678.00

Quantity :

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