Catalog of Products

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    Accessory Wheels, Flanges and Wheel Adapters

    This section includes accessory wheels, flanges and wheel adapters.

    Accessory wheels include Deburring, Cutting, Polishing, Nylox and general purpose.

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    Belt Display Tool Tray

    Accessory tray to hold tools or parts for grinding. Hang various belts. Fits all Burr King pedestal stands.

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    Burr King Wheel Adapters

    Accessories expand Burr King grinders and polishers.

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    Dust Collector Systems

    Burr King dust collectors use space saving cabinet design.

    All Burr King Grinders/Buffers may be coupled to these efficient dust collection systems. Dust scoops available under accessories.

    All units are 60 hz.

  • Filter PAK 8000

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    Filtration Systems

    Filtration systems used with our machines make them very versatile. Choose from any of our accessories to expand the functionality of your BURR KING products.

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    Fixed/Variable Speed Belt Kits

    We put together our most popular belts for you to try in one convenient kit. Figure out what works best for your application and eliminate buying belts that do not fit your needs.

    TrizactTM and Scotch-BriteTM are registered trademarks of the 3M Company.

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    Foam Contact Wheels

    Foam Contact Wheels for Burr King Grinders and de-burring machines.

  • Standard Dust Scoop shown on Model 960

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    Grinder/Buffer Dust Collector Scoops

    Dust Scoops are available for all Burr King models.

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    Internal Grinding Accessories

    The internal grinding accessories in this section come pre-assembled ready for use with your internal & radius attachments. Includes arm and wheel. Don't see what your looking for: See the internal grinding attachment section to configure a assembly that best fits your application.

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    Internal Grinding Attachments

    1400 Series
    Internal Grinding Attachments Convert Models 482, 760 and 1272 Grinders for Internal Grinding.

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    Miter Attachments

    Use with Model 12 and 20 disc grinders. 45 degree angle both directions.

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    Model 960-272 Parts & Accessories

    This section provides knife makers all of the parts for our 960-272 belt grinder. You will also find any accessories for this machine in this category.

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    Models 150 & 200 Vibra KING Bowls Stand

    The perfect mate for Burr King Vibratory Bowls.

    Does not come with vibratory bowl or filtration system. (Price is for stand only)

    Filtration system can also be purchased separately.

    For a complete Timer Controlled, Filtered, Compound Finishing system see Vibratory Bowl Combi Pak.


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    Narrow Wheel

    The optional 702N "Narrow Wheel" uses a 1/2" x 60" abrasive belt, for tight radius and loose belt grinding.

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    Pedestal Stands

    Burr King heavy duty pedestals are designed to position grinding and polishing machines at a convenient operator height of 33". Check out our new adjustable pedestal! Change operator height from 27" up to 37." All pedestals must be securely bolted to the floor.

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    Vibra KING Accessories

    This category contains, Vibratory Control Stand, Vibra KING Bowl Stand, Dividers, Chamber Lids, Deflectors, Part Removal Magnets, Vibratory Chamber Replacement Tubs, Vibratory Screen Separators.

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    Vibratory Media Kits

    Vibratory media kits are designed to get you started with our equipment and the materials you will need to process your parts. Kits include ceramic, plastic or pins to fill your machine, 1 qt. BKS-60 soap solution and 1 qt. AR-60 soap solution.

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    Wheel Options for Attachments

    There are a variety of wheel options available for our versatile attachments.