Safety Concerns?

by | Mar 23, 2011

Upgrade your older Model 760 to New Style Guard

Upgrade an older model 760 (pre 2004) to one that incorporates the latest belt guarding and pinch point protection and get the following advantages:

 ·         Deeper horizontal throat clearance to better address hard to reach areas

·         Greater vertical throat clearance to better address odd shaped parts

·         Improved contact wheel side access to better address odd shaped parts

·         Improved dust management to optimize vacuum dust extraction

·         Improved guard door latching by elimination of the old stud-spring arrangement

·         Improved nylon belt performance that eliminates the rear spring “catch issue”

·         Improved belt clearance that minimizes or eliminates the “ticking” issue with nylon belts

·         Improved adaptability provided by an enlarged, flattened front guard face

·         Contact wheel pinch point protection even with the platen assembly removed

·         Full width contact wheel guarding

·         Belt path guarding that takes “broken belt”, pinch point, hand insertion, and debris ejection operator protection to even safer levels!

·         Belt path guard ready to accept front face shield.

Call your local dealer or Burr King Manufacturing and request part #798.

Which includes the following:

·         742-1 safety guard assembly

·         703-3 contact wheel guard

·         704-1 platen assembly

·         705-1 work rest support arm

·         706-1 work rest

Adding only the 742-1 safety guard assembly does not provide sufficient protection from pinch points, and other rotational hazards. The owner of the equipment is urged to purchase the complete kit for compliance.