Meet Frank & Dana Nance – Nance Sales

Covering Arizona & Clark County, Nevada

The Nance Sales Company was founded in 1983 by Frank Nance after spending 20yrs. with Black & Decker, and his son Dana Nance while attending college. Frank has been involved in the Industrial & Construction business for 60 yrs. now and still enjoys making sales calls.

After College Dana went to work for several distributors and returned to work in the business in 2000. Like Burr King, we are a family company and enjoy time with our families first and foremost.

Franks hobbies include Shooting Trap and Sales Calls! Dana enjoys working with his teenagers on their many hobbies- Theater, Soccer, and the many other things they come up with.

Dana also really loves working with the end users, they do so many cool and new things that it makes working with Burr King very educational and really a lot of Fun!

We have represented Burr King for over 20yrs. and still love to make end user calls on our customers in such a wide array of industries- That’s what makes it So Interesting!

We enjoy visiting so many of our customers and have found that they help us as much as we try to help them, keeping us abreast of the many changes and innovations that are going on in the many industries that we serve.

We’re looking forward to trying to provide a solution for your needs- Please don’t hesitate to contact us for consultation or machine demo. We look forward to hearing from you.

Contact Nance Sales Co

Covering Arizona & Clark County, Nevada

Frank Nance
Chandler, AZ
Phone: 480-802-6701
Cell: 602-432-5321

Dana Nane
Queen Creek, AZ
Phone: 480-279-1196
Cell: 602-432-8844