WSR50: 50 lbs – Treated Walnut Shell with Rouge

Product Overview

WSR50 is an treated crush black walnut shell. WSR is impregnated with rouge and used for polishing yello metals such as gold, brass and copper.  Best used with harder metals. WSR50 red in color.

Sold in 50 lb increments.  Due to packing densities and variances in shell mesh size WSR50 has a range of 35-48 lbs per cubic foot.   Our average is 44 lbs per cubic foot.  When filling your vibratory machine please fill to recommended media level per the manual.  Also remember to adjust your amplitude accordingly.

Black Walnut shell abrasive is used to polish soft metals, fiberglass, wood, plastics and stone. It works as a deburring and deflashing product for moldings, castings, and electrical parts. It is an efficient soft abrasive when used to tumble and polish gun castings, jewelry, and metal parts due to its resistance to breakdown. The media has a green color.

Looking for something that will work for white metals such as steel?   Check out our  WSC50 treated with rouge.


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