RELINE25: VibraKing 25 Reline

Product Overview

Reline25 vibratory tub reline for the Burr King M25 vibratory deburring machine is the best way to renew your tub to like new condition.  Tub liners are a consumable wear item.   Over time they will wear, and once they wear to the point liquid can reach the steel tub, it won’t be long until the liner starts lifting in chunks.  Water will become trapped between the liner and the steel and quickly loosen the bond holding the urethane liner in place.

During Burr King’s extensive reline process we will inspect your tank for corrosion, metal cracks and weld failure.  We will strip your worn liner and media blast the tank, inside and out.  After the tank is blasted it will be inspected again.

If we find issues you will be notified if additional refurbishment cost will be assessed.  In extreme cases we will recommend the tank to not be relined.  These cases are extremely rare and normally due to prolonged use of your machine with a failed liner.

After your tank passes inspection it will be prepared for a new hot poured, cast urethane liner.  The tank will then be placed in an oven to fully cure.  After the tank is cool, the mold is removed and the urethane liner is inspected for defects.   The tank with newly installed liner will be media blasted one more time prior to receiving a primer sealant on the bare metal.   The tank is now ready for paint.  After a coat of fresh paint the tub is ready to get the final finishing touches including a new set of decals, new drain plug and new media discharge chute.

The refurbished tub is strapped to a pallet and ready to ship back to you in like new condition.

After placing your order for the Reline25 you will be issued an RMA to return your tub to Burr King to be relined.  Please include a copy of the RMA with your shipment.  Prior to shipping, please remove the drive assembly and fluid delivery pipe associated items.  Your tank will be returned with a new urethane chute plug and drain plug.  This is also a good time to inspect bearings and drive belt for wear and order the replacements if needed.

This process isn’t fast; it will take approximately 45 days to complete the process.  This does not include transit time.  Need something faster take a look at a new tank, 3300UCI-2 is normally ready to ship in just a couple of days.


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