CPW-10: Sewn Cotton Buff Wheel – 10" Diameter

Product Overview

CPW-10 is a 10″ diameter sewn cotton buffing wheel.  The wheel has a 3/4″ arbor and is approximately 5/8″ thick.

The CPW-10 is a concentric sewn buffing wheel that is sewn at 1/4″ increments.

Concentric sewn buffs are constructed of 60 individual cloth sheets then sewn concentrically from the center arbor at 1/4″ increments.  Firmer than a loose buff. As the buff wears it’s common practice to cut the stitching and work the buff to the next seam line.

This buff will produce a good finish on most metals and plastics.

Burr King’s buffing wheels are premium quality and manufactured in the United States.