965-5: Small Wheel Attachment – Outboard Bearings – w/o 402 for 960-272

Product Overview

965-4 Small Wheel Attachment features outboard bearings and does not come with a 402 drive wheel.

The bearings are located outside the wheel allowing for higher surface feet per minute. Great for handle work.

The 965-5 comes with the 1444 rear idler, OB375 (3/8″) , OB500 (1/2″), OB750 (3/4″), and OB1000 (1″) small wheels.  A full selection of wheels can be found here.

Designed for the 960-272, and will also fit the 1272 and 960-200 belt grinders.

The redesigned 965-5 can also be modified to use inboard bearings by ordering the 9657 front nose piece.

Runs standard size 2″ x 72″ abrasive belts.


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