9066: Arm for 944 Knifemaker’s Attachment

Product Overview

9066 is the main cast arm for the 944 vertical platen.  The 9066 can also be used with the 1276 and 1277 small wheel adapters to create the “Poorman’s Small Wheel Attachment.”  The poorman’s was the first small wheel attachment developed for the 960-272 grinders in the early 1970’s.

The 9066 can also be used to run a wide variety of wheel diameters on the 960-272 grinder.  If you need a 2″ diameter run the 202K.  3″ the 302K, and if you need a 4″ diameter choose the 410K.

Swap the 402 5″ drive wheel with your 902 8″ drive wheel then mount the 302K 3″ wheel for a tight slack area, great for convex grinding.


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