429: V-Belt – 24″

Product Overview

24″ V-Belt used on many Burr King grinders.

This is the replacement belt for the 429K notched belt.

The 429 is 24″ in length.

Used with 562, 482, 960-250, 960-272 & 960-400 when the motor is 1.5 hp or less.  If your machine is a 960 and  has two sets of v-belt pulleys and is above 1.5 HP you need to order the 951K.  The 951K is a notched v-belt that is 25″ in length.

To further complicate things, we also are offering a micro-v belt on some newer models.  The 429-11 micro-v belt is approximately 3/4″ wide and is a flat belt.  Please check your current belt style prior to ordering.   And as always if you need more help pick up the phone and call us.  We can help.