3310-2: Bearing, Pillow block – M25/45/85

Product Overview

3310-2 Pillow block bearing for the M25/45/85.  The cast iron bearing has a 1.25″ bore features a strong flexible ball cage retainer for extended life.

The Burr King M25/45 take two 3310-2 bearings while the M85 uses 4 bearings.

Install and torque the 1/2 bolts to 40-50 foot-pounds.  When installing on the M85 which takes four bearings it is advised to secure the outer bearings first and then if necessary shim the middle bearings if gap exceeds .005.  After shimming torque all bolts to 45-50 foot-pounds.

When reinstalling drive belts do not over tighten.  Drive system designed to run loose, near the point of slip.  1/2″ deflection at 2-3 lbs of force.   Refer to manual for more information.


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