1537: Brass Drain Plug – 150/200

Product Overview

1537 Brass Drain Plug for the Burr King VibraKing 150 and 200 vibratory bowl is an ideal replacement for the stock drain.

The 1537 features twelve 1/8″ holes around the permitter that allows waste water to flow while minimizing the potential for debris to become lodged in the drain.

The 1537 comes as a complete assembly with o-ring and 1/2″ threaded locking nut.

There’s also a plastic version of this plug – 1537-2.   The 1537-2 was developed for customers that are experiencing part damage from the brass drain during operation, or if you are running a chemical thru your system and are having a reaction between the brass and the chemical.

To order the 1537-2 please contact the factory.



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