10100: Dust Collector System

Product Overview

Burr King dust collectors use space saving cabinet design.

Most Burr King Grinders/Buffers may be coupled to these efficient dust collection systems.

Select the BK75 for portability or the BK100 for two Grinder/Buffer, fixed installation. Includes silencer and spark boxes.

All units are 60 Hz.  Special voltage configurations are avaiable upon request.

*Includes magnetic starter (NEMA 12) and controls without power cord.

Dust scoops available under accessories.

*Machines are not included*

To minimize fire, explosion, health and other risks to personnel and property:

Do not use your dust collector to collect materials prone to explosion unless it has been specifically modified to be “explosion proof”.

Do not draw debris from different alloys into the dust collector system.

Do not use water or other electrically conductive fluid in your dust collector unless it has been specifically modified for wet operation.

Do not mix wood, plastic, paper, or other flammable material debris with metal or other high temperature dust/debris.

Do use a spark-arresting device if your dust collector will be used to collect debris from materials that spark or otherwise create ignition level debris when worked.

Do consult with the appropriate authorities to be certain that your dust collector installation and its intended use comply with local, state, and federal codes.

Do use approved inhalation protective devices in conjunction with the dust collector.

Do use approved protective eye, face, hand, and body protection when grinding, polishing, or otherwise creating dust and debris that you intend the dust collector.

Do disconnect all power to the dust collector (and any equipment connected to it) prior to performing adjustments, maintenance, or other activity that involves opening any cover on the dust collector.

Do read, understand, and abide by the operating and maintenance instructions provided for the dust collector.

Do use specified replacement parts and filters.


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