New Pedestal Brings Highs and Lows to the Workplace

by | Sep 9, 2017

Adjustable pedestal offers solutions

According to industry professionals ergonomics are the number 1 most common workplace safety incident. In fact, ergonomics stress injuries cost nearly 30 billion dollars a year and in more extreme cases can cost up to $60,000 in medical treatments, lost time and vocational rehabilitation.

OSHA has recently begun issuing citations under the General Duty Clause. The clause states that each employer shall furnish a workplace free from recognized hazards. In isolated incidents fines have been issued to companies that don’t comply with the regulation.

Burr King Manufacturing is pleased to introduce to the market an adjustable height pedestal. The new pedestal allows the operator to adjust the equipment to promote proper posture and also reduces operator fatigue. The pedestal easily adjusts from 27″ to 37″ of height and has a 250 pound capacity. The new adjustable height pedestal is available for all Burr King equipment and can be easily adapted to many other brands of grinders and polishers.

The adjustable height pedestal is manufactured in the United States by Burr King Manufacturing.