Imitation Burr King 3 Wheel Grinder

by | Apr 25, 2022

Buyer beware!

Every once in a while a foreign entity introduces an imitation Burr King grinder to the market place. These imitation machines have very similar names, are similar in style, and appearance. Because of this similarity, the general public is often deceived and mislead into believing that those imitation grinders and Burr King are one in the same. Burr King wishes to bring to your attention important information about these poor quality products so that you can understand the problems with using clone equipment that can become extremely dangerous when used. We cannot overemphasize the seriousness of the situation as these machines could be dangerous to use whether the operator is skilled or a novice.

We believe that these grinders:

  • do not go through any quality control
  • are not and have not been tested for performance and durability
  • feature guarding that is unsafe and not compliant with industry standards
  • use poor quality, inferior components
  • market with inaccurate product specifications
  • do not have adequate product liability insurance
  • replacement parts are not readily available
  • have poor customer service
  • inadequate safety labeling

Imitation machines claim to provide nearly identical features and specifications, often coping features directly from the Burr King website.
We are aware that some dealers are purchasing cheap imitation machines and are probably purchasing these products instead of the US made Burr King machines, because they are attracted to their lower price. You should always check to see if the equipment you are purchasing is one of these Chinese, Taiwanese, or other foreign manufactured machines and you should question the quality of these machines and ask the dealer if the importer of these machines and the overseas manufacturer have adequate Product Liability insurance to cover any likely claims. In the event of the product being proved to have not been quality tested, there is a real likelihood of the foreign manufactures insurance company not honoring the insurance claim of the consumer and the consumer relying on suing the personal assets of the dealer involved.
To summaries, when there is a mishap with any equipment, there is a propensity for injury and the attendant legal action that ensues. We have taken the unprecedented step of reporting this problem to our customer base and pointing out that we understand the makers of these imitation machines do not carry adequate product liability and personal indemnity insurance cover and any dealer who sells these machines to schools, camps and the like, does so at their own peril as they run the very real risk of being successfully sued for negligence by the consumer and the dealer finding their insurer will walk away from any claim because of the negligence of that dealer. These machines are still out there, but be warned as it will likely end in a large claim on the dealer and their personal assets if sued.

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Burr King Manufacturing strives to sell and produce only quality products. We have issued this warning in order to protect our dealers and our customers from any claims that may ensue.

If you feel like you’ve been sold something different than what you were promised, first contact the vendor and complain. If that doesn’t help, report them to the BBB, your local truth in Advertising Agency, or in case of E-Bay or other auction houses, report them directly. Don’t let dishonest vendors get away with defrauding you. The web is a great place to get quality items for less, but suspicious if the price is so much less than other vendors on the web.

Please be careful not to purchase any imitation products of Burr King appearance in the market.

Burr King recommends purchase of Burr King products through the duly-authorized distributors listed on the Burr King official website at

Burr King is not responsible for warranty of imitation products and also for any damages or troubles caused by imitation products.