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  • Grinder/Polisher Replacement Parts

    $ 0.00

    Find replacement parts for your Burr King machine. If your not sure what stock code numbers you need please check the parts break down section for the correct schematic. If your still unsure of what you need please feel free to call us.

  • Motors

    $ 0.00

    Replace your old motor. Contact the factory to find out about upgrading your single speed machine to variable speed.

  • Adjustable and fixed height pedestals

    Pedestal Stands

    $ 0.00

    Burr King heavy duty pedestals are designed to position grinding and polishing machines at a convenient operator height of 32".

    Check out our new adjustable pedestal! Change operator height from 27" up to 37." All pedestals must be securely bolted to the floor.

  • 760T-2 on 760 grinder

    Belt Display Tool Tray

    $ 0.00

    Accessory tray to hold tools or parts for grinding. Hang various belts. Fits all Burr King pedestal stands.

  • Fixed/Variable Speed Belt Kits

    $ 0.00

    We put together our most popular belts for you to try in one convenient kit. Figure out what works best for your application and eliminate buying belts that do not fit your needs.

    TrizactTM and Scotch-BriteTM are registered trademarks of the 3M Company.

  • Abrasive Belts

    $ 0.00

    ♦ Not all belts may be in-stock.  Please check with the factory to insure your belts are available for shipment ♦

    Abrasive belts and discs in various dimensions, grit types, and backing are available. Finishes from mirror to grain are possible. Material removal rates from slight to rapid and heavy are possible provided the proper abrasive, backing, surface speed, and equipment are selected. Consult with the factory for specific applications

    TrizactTM and Scotch-BriteTM are registered trademarks of the 3M Company.

  • Burr King T-Shirt - RT 66

    $ 20.00

    Black T-Shirt with large design on the back. Small Burr King logo on the front. Free USPS shipping anywhere in the USA.

  • Burr King T-Shirt Real Fabricators Break Chinese Tools

    $ 0.00

    Black T-Shirt with basic white lettering on the back, reads: Real Fabricators Break Chinese Tools, Buy American, Buy Quality. Front of the shirt has the Burr King logo and reads: Buy American, Buy Quality. Free USPS shipping anywhere in the USA.

  • Real Fabricators break Chinese tools Bumper Sticker

    $ 0.00

    Make a statement with this bumper sticker! This bumper sticker is free if you send us a self addressed postage paid envelope! Attn: Free Sticker.

  • 98930

    BBA20 - 2" x 72" Belt Grinder

    $ 0.00

    20" diameter 2" x 72" belt grinder made for Knifemakers' by Knifemakers'

    The 20” contact wheel reduces the annoying joint splice and chatter from the platen and will improve overall function and finish of your knives.

    Burr King’s BBA20 Belt Grinder was designed with the single intention of giving you the largest contact wheel grinder on the market. The 20” contact wheel allows you to grind with the apparence and function of a flat grind with the ease of a hollow grind.

    The BBA20’s contact wheel is machined from billet aluminum at Burr King’s factory in Missouri. The wheel is covered with a 55-60 durometer neoprene for years of trouble free performance. Utilizing an extremely ridged aluminum cast frame this grinder follows in the foot steps of Burr King’s legendary 960-272 Knifemaker’s Grinder.

    The BBA20 has found it's home in professional knifemaker's shops and also in production enviroments.  This machine is built to last.


    • 1.5 HP Variable Speed Motor - Plenty of power for even the most demanding applications
    • 600-6000 SFPM Variable Speed
    • Runs standard 2" x 72" belts
    • Simple belt change
    • Positive belt tracking
    • Rugged, oversize bearings and shaft
    • Versatility of variable speed control options        
    • Smooth "velvet touch" operation delivered by the precision you expect from Burr King
    • Smooth, quiet "Micro-V" drive technology is operator friendly
    • Durability of a cast aluminum frame
    • Compatible with the Articulating Arm

    Multiple wheel widths, durometer and faces are avaiable upon request.

    The BBA20 uses the 02-8 fixed height pedestal or the 02-80 adjustable height pedestal. 

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