Vibratory Replacement Parts : 3599

3599 Medium drain for VibraKing M25/45/85 with Diamond pattern tub

3599 replacement drain for the M25/45/85 is a medium size drain with 0.201 holes.  

3599 is manufactured from high strength, long wearing and chemical resistant UHMW plastic

The 3599 drain is for use with vibratory tubs that have a diamond pattern.  If your tub has a vertical pattern please order 3599-3.  The 3599 is approximately 1.5" in overall length.  The 3599-3 used with the vertical pattern tub is approximately 2" in overall length.

The 3599 comes complete with one 3598 o-ring. 

The 3599 is the standard option for new diamond tub machines produced by Burr King.

** If media or part lodging occurs use smaller diameter hole drains such as the 3599-1 or 3599-4.  If increased fluid flow is needed opt for a larger diameter hole drains such as the 3599-2 or 3599-5.  Call Burr King to order these drains.

$ 36.03

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