Model 960-272 Parts & Accessories : 965


965 Small Wheel Attachment features inboard bearings and is ideal for small radius work.  The bearings are located inside the wheel allowing full access to the face of the wheel.  Great for grinding fullers / blood grooves.

Fullers combined with tapering the knife tang is an excellent way to reduce the overall weight of a blade.

The small wheels are also good for grinding the finger grooves to the knife,

The 965 comes complete with the 402 drive wheel and 4 small wheels.  

The included small wheels are the AP2311  9/16" x 2", AO2311  3/4" x 2", AR2311  1" x 2", AQ2311  1.5" x 2"

Designed for the 960-272, and will also fit the 1272 and 960-200 belt grinders.

The redesigned 965 can also be modified to use outboard bearings by ordering the 9660 front nose piece.

Or take a look at the 965-4 which uses outboard bearings.

$ 713.65

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