Models 150 & 200 Vibra KING Bench Top Bowls Combi PAKS : 20010-1

Model 200 shown with Stand PAK 5000 with included timer. Also included is Filter PAK 4001 or Sump PAK 1000 which fits inside the Stand PAK 5000

Burr King vibratory bowls are ideal for bench top polishing, descaling, deburring, and surface conditioning. Units are fast, quiet, and effective. Available in 3 qt, 10 qt, and 20 qt volumes. The 150 and 200 bowl Combi PAK comes with your choice of Sump PAK 1000 or Filter PAK 4001. All Combi PAK's in this section come with the Stand PAK 5000 which provides a timer and a place to keep the filtration system so its out of the way.

$ 2443.00

Quantity :

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