Catalog of Products

  • Vibratory Media Kits

    $ 0.00

    Vibratory media kits are designed to get you started with our equipment and the materials you will need to process your parts. Kits include ceramic, plastic or pins to fill your machine, 1 qt. BKS-60 soap solution and 1 qt. AR-60 soap solution.

  • Vibratory Media/ Compounds

    $ 0.00

    • Items listed are normal stock items. See our ceramic/plastic media sheets under the flyers section to see more media types, call Factory for different Sizes/Shapes/Formulas or feel free to call if you need help with media selection or have questions regarding the vibratory process.
  • filterbag

    Filter PAK 4001, 4000, 8000 Replacement Filter Bags

    $ 0.00

    The perfect mate for Vibra KING Vibratory chambers and bowls. We offer replacement filters from 5 to 100 micron. 5 is a finer filter and 100 lets more particles through. A 25 micron is recommended for plastic media processing and 15 micron is recommended for ceramic media processing. Filters are offered in packages of 5, 10 and 25.

  • Serrated/Smooth Contact Wheels

    $ 0.00

    Grinders/buffers capability is readily expanded by selection of the best contact wheel/buffing wheel combination for your material.

    Many contact wheel diameters, widths, hardnesses and face geometries are available - 55 shore, for general purpose grinding, 90 shore serrated for heavy grinding. Numerous nylon wheels, buffing wheels and specialty wheels are available.

    Many of our wheels have the part number stamped into the face of the wheel.  Larger diameter drive wheels will include two sets of numbers.  The top number will be a product code and the bottom number will be a date stamp.

    Consult with the factory for proper selection.

  • Foam Contact Wheels

    $ 0.00

    Foam Contact Wheels for Burr King Grinders and de-burring machines.

  • 965 Small Wheel Attachment for 960-272

    Model 960-272 Parts & Accessories

    $ 0.00

    This section provides knife makers all of the parts for our 960-272 belt grinder. You will also find many accessories for this machine in this category.

  • Grinder/Polisher Replacement Parts

    $ 0.00

    Find replacement parts for your Burr King machine. If your not sure what stock code numbers you need please check the parts break down section for the correct schematic. If your still unsure of what you need please feel free to call us.

  • Motors

    $ 0.00

    Replace your old motor. Contact the factory to find out about upgrading your single speed machine to variable speed.

  • Fixed/Variable Speed Belt Kits

    $ 0.00

    We put together our most popular belts for you to try in one convenient kit. Figure out what works best for your application and eliminate buying belts that do not fit your needs.

    TrizactTM and Scotch-BriteTM are registered trademarks of the 3M Company.

  • Abrasive Belts

    $ 0.00

    ♦ Not all belts may be in-stock.  Please check with the factory to insure your belts are available for shipment ♦

    Abrasive belts and discs in various dimensions, grit types, and backing are available. Finishes from mirror to grain are possible. Material removal rates from slight to rapid and heavy are possible provided the proper abrasive, backing, surface speed, and equipment are selected. Consult with the factory for specific applications

    TrizactTM and Scotch-BriteTM are registered trademarks of the 3M Company.


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