Vibratory Media/ Compounds : AS-10

Close-up view of Anti-Stick Beads

AS-10  -  10 lbs of anti stick beads

Anti Stick Beads are used to help flat parts from sticking to the walls of a tub style vibratory machine.


This instruction applies to vibratory processing chambers.

Small, light weight, flat parts may tend to stick together and/or stick to the walls of a vibratory chamber. This sticking is caused by the natural tendency of water adhere two surfaces together. To reduce this naturally occurring, physical condition it is necessary to reduce the water tension (soaps) and/or provide mechanical separation (beads) of the parts. Should part sticking occur it can be mitigated as follows:

1. Assure that a recommended compound soap is being used in the proper dilution with water (1 to 2 ozs. For each gallon of fresh water of BKS-60 or AR-60, Burr King approved compounds). A vibratory chamber with the correct compound dilution will display small soap bubbles between the media pieces during vibration. If foam is evident the mixture is too rich; if bubbles are not seen the mixture is too lean.

2. Instill anti stick beads (Burr King AS-5, AS-10, AS-25) into the chamber in the ratio of approximately ½ to 1 rounded tablespoons per cubic foot of chamber capacity. For Burr King chambers start with the following bead additions:

M15/M25 1 to 2 tablespoons
M45 3 to 4 tablespoons
M85 5 to 9 tablespoons
200 ½ to 1 tablespoon
150 ¼ to ¾ tablespoon
110 ¼ tablespoon

Anti stick will migrate to the liquid sump if a sump is in use. In this case it is necessary to add anti stick with each load of parts, or periodically if continuous processing is used. If properly diluted compound used, simply add anti stick beads progressively when the parts appear to be sticking together again. Even if a sump is not in use anti stick beads will be drawn from the chamber as parts are removed, thus necessitating the addition of more beads.  Anti stick beads will become trapped inside of a filter bag. 

Good vibratory practice dictates that the parts be rinsed clean soon after processing. Following this practice will assure anti stick beads are not transported on the parts after processing.

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