Model 12 12" Disc Grinder : 29800

29800 12" Disc Grinder from Burr King features a variable speed 1.5 HP motor. 

The 29800 is preconfigured for 220 volt single phase input power.

The variable speed allows the unit to achieve speeds upto 1725 RPM and as low as 170 RPM.

SFPM ranges from 530 SFPM -5400 SFPM on the outer diameter of the disc.

Our variable speed controllers also are configured to utilize dynamic disc braking which eliminates needless coasting of the disc upon turning the unit off.  The disc will stop in seconds and not minutes.

Use with the 02-7 pedestal or contact the factory about reaching new heights with our adjustable pedestal. 

MA12 is the miter attachment.

$ 3293.00

Quantity :

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