Model 960-400 4 x 60 Two Wheel Belt Grinder : 96203

Model 960-400 shown with optional pedestal

Additional Specifications:
Wheels: 2
Contact Wheel Size: 7 x 4"
Throat Clearance: None
Contact Wheel Hardness: 55 Duro
Belt Tension Quick Change Assembly: Yes
Positive Belt Tracking Adjustment: Yes
Overall Height, Width, Depth: 30" x 21" x 30"
Safety Belt Guard: Yes
Base Area: 8.5" x 8"
Steel Backup Platen: 4" x 14"
Adjustable Work Rest: Yes
Construction: Cast Aluminum
Bench or Pedestal Mounted: Yes
Process Evaluation: Grinding
Pedestal Included: No
Main Application: Belt Grinding

$ 4381.00

Quantity :

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